The Swan Inn


We offer a range of 5 ales, including two from our brewery, St George's. Our freehouse status allows us to support local breweries as well as some of the country's more recognised names. If there is a beer you want to see, please let us know and we will do our up-most to get it in.

(The beers and ciders on offer can be subject to changes and availability)

Permanent Ales

St. George's Dragon's Blood - 4.8%

Strong dark ruby ale, brewed with Maris malts to give a rich nutty flavour. Blended with locally grown Fuggles to create a spicy aroma with fruity overtones.

Ringwood Forty Niner - 4.9%

A golden ale that is bright and full of rich flavours to satisfy the most refined palate.

Purity Mad Goose - 4.2%

A  zesty pale ale with a smooth and citrusy finish.


Robinsons - 4.5%

This Herefordshire cider is lovingly crafted using only local British cider apples unfiltered and gently carbonated this cider really does bring you "closer to the apple".

Stowfords Press - 4.5%

This medium dry cider is perfect for all occasions, be it rain or shine. A combination of sticking to their Herefordshire roots and using modern technology has allowed this cider to become a mainstay in many pubs.

Westons' Family Reserve - 5.0%

A clear bright still cider with a smooth, well-balanced fruity flavour and clean apple finish.


Carlsberg Export - 5.0%

Carlsberg Export is a premium strength lager, with a refined and satisfying taste. Brewed to the original Danish recipe, it has deep malty notes and a distinct bitterness that generate a full flavoured lager.

Warsteiner - 4.8%

A refreshing, pale golden pilsener with a clean taste perfectly balanced with hints of barley malt, subtle bottom fermenting yeast tones and mild hoppy bitterness.

Stella 4 - 4.0%

An easy drinking lager with refreshing malty sweetness and zesty flavours. The pioneering triple filtered brewing process ensures that every drop is refined for maximum refreshment and smoothness.


Guinness - 4.1%

A popular Irish dry stout with a thick, creamy head from St. James's Gate, Dublin. Guinness is one of the most successful beer brands worldwide.